We have used Gerry on two bathroom remodel projects. He is easy to work with because he is honest, knowledgeable, and takes the time to fully assess a job so that he can give a clear and detailed description of the project. He is a perfectionist and expects the same from all the subs that he may bring into the job. He is knowledgeable of products and helpful in selecting finishes that work for your project and your budget. Gerry is also very pleasant to have around, which may sound funny, but when you invite people into your home you want someone that is trustworthy as well as likeable and he is both. Gerry will always be the contractor at the top of my list! Lori

As an interior designer, I come in contact with a variety of contractors and I can wholeheartedly recommend Gerry Scalzo and his team! Here is just a recent example of how he works. A recent client, who had her own contractor, called me in a panic, because she was having some issues with installation of her frameless cabinetry. I called Gerry in the late afternoon and he came over to my client’s house the very next morning, at 7 a.m! When I came over later that day, Mark, Gerry’s trusted cabinetry guy, was almost done with all the issues and everything looked beautiful. The client was elated!
I won’t hesitate to refer Gerry for any remodeling or new construction projects in the future, because I know I can always count on his professionalism and knowledge base to execute projects of any scope! Tatiana

I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Gerry and his crew. He was not only a pleasure to work with and very communicative, but he was on schedule and the workmanship and attention to detail was impeccable at every stage of the project. We completely gutted and remodeled our whole first floor and couldn’t be happier with the results; it’s been over a year since we moved back in and I still smile every time we walk in the door at what an amazing transformation happened to our living space. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone considering a remodel; you won’t find anyone better! Joe

The best endorsement I can give Gerry Scalzo and G. A. Scalzo, Inc. as a high quality general contractor is that we have done three projects with his company. The first was a competitive bid of a major kitchen, living room, and dining area remodel. It was a total demo down to the studs, removing and changing structural elements of the house and repurposing the overall kitchen and living areas. Gerry was very open and transparent with his pricing. After we signed the contract, we worked closely to value engineer cost out of the job while maintaining high quality. Gerry and his subcontractors (subs) were active problem solvers. We opened up a wall and found the structural elements were not where we thought they would be. Gerry and his team went to work and came up with an innovative and cost effective solution that kept the project on schedule.

You will find that Gerry is a very good communicator, planner and scheduler – the job ran like clockwork, and his subs were fantastic and treated our home like their own. His painting subcontractor is one of the best painter I have ever worked with. Gerry is extremely punctual, reliable, and very respectful. He was open to our ideas but would also tell us if our ideas might not be the best way to go while offering other suggestions. He was also helpful making material selections balancing price against quality to help us find the best value. Lastly, Gerry runs one of the cleanest job sites and projects we have ever seen.

If we had to do our major remodel again, we would hire Gerry first and work with him to select the architect so the design would benefit from his expertise and be built for the best value.

The second project we did with G. A. Scalzo, Inc. was a bathroom remodel. Based on the trust relationship we developed on our major remodel we told Gerry what we wanted to accomplish, a rough budget, and some general finishes we would like and turned it over to him. He helps us find the right cabinet vendor, granite supplier and he had an excellent tile floor subcontractor. He coordinated everything and we had very little need to be involved. The job is great and came in within our budget.

The third project was to replace all the windows in our house that were not replaced during our major remodel. Again, Gerry helped us develop our budget and we told him to just let us know what we owe him when it was all done. He worked all the details of how to integrate the new windows with the existing construction of a 40 year old house, ordered all the materials, and coordinated the subs and window suppliers.

The next project will be the master bath and I can tell you the only contractor that we would even consider is Gerry Scalzo and G. A. Scalzo, Inc. Why change a winning combination.
Steve and Ellen W. Steve

We were lucky to be referred to Gerry Scalzo by a family friend after a plumbing leak caused extensive damage to our master bath & dining room ceiling and walls.. Gerry made an accurate assessment of the damage and repairs needed to bring our house back from ruin. We opted to update our upstairs bath at the same time we made overall repairs to the sheet rock and water damaged areas.
Gerry was great to work with. He is competent, experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of construction and remodeling. He hires sub-contractors who know their trades and is adept at coordinating and scheduling the project from start to finish. We felt confident that Gerry would handle our project in the most professional manner which was important since we were out of town during most of the construction/remodeling process.
The end result was exactly what we wanted. Our new bathroom and dining room look fantastic.
We would recommend Gerry to anyone thinking about a major or minor re-modeling or home-improvement project. Mandy

G.A. Scalzo is the best contractor we have worked with, regardless of project scale. The reasons are as follows:

1. Gerry is a consummate professional. He has an excellent, deep knowledge of building, and understands the full breadth of mechanical and the human challenges presented by working on and in someone’s home. (Worth noting, as our young family lived in the house for the duration of the project.) Patient, an excellent listener, and focused on getting every detail correct.

2. Simply the best subcontractors in the business. I don’t think our home has ever had the level of professional attention it received in this job – whether plumbing, heating systems, framing (not to mention the lack thereof we discovered in demo), painting, and tile/flooring work. His subs actually corrected a wide range of existing problems in the house, making the improvements even more extensive.

3. No surprises. No, really. The surprises we faced in the process of remodeling our home were things we mostly expected, given the condition of the building. At no point did we face a surprise from Gerry in terms of costs, calendar, or quality of work. He was on budget, and on time.

If we were in the position to build our own home, Gerry would be the first person I would call. We found out about him through a referral – and now I refer him to people I know who are considering doing work on their home. Including you. Janet

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